About Ni Riain School of Irish Dance

Ni Riain School of Irish Dance has been owned and operated in York, PA since 2009. At Ni Riain, it is important to treat every student like part of our family, encouraging student creativity, leadership, and confidence, all wrapped up in a positive and supportive environment.

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School Name FAQs

How is it pronounced?
Ni Riain is pronounced NEE REE-in, with the emphasis on the capital letters. The NEE and REE rhymes with the word knee.

What does it mean?
Ni is placed before a surname to indicate "daughter of". Riain is the old Irish Gaelic way to spell the surname Ryan. Translated, Ni Riain means "daughter of a Ryan".

Extra Info: You may have seen nee in front of a last name. Nee is the French. and English-adopted, version of ni, and is the feminine word meaning "born of"; the masculine form being ne. It's funny that my Irish grandmother married a Frenchman with the last name of Lanteigne (pronounced lan-TANE, rhymes with Champagne). We could have named our school Nee Lanteigne, what do you think? Nah, I agree, its pretty but it just doesn't have that ring to it.

How was it chosen?
When encouraged by my teacher trainers, who are native residents of Dublin, Ireland, to start my own school in the States, they naturally had one big question: What would I name it? It didn't take much brainstorming after I shared that my grandmother was Irish, and that her maiden name was Ryan. They both shouted "Ni Riain", and so it was! As it turns out, my father's middle name and my brother's first name are both Ryan in an effort to honor our Irish roots, and so it I thought that their emphatic suggestion was a keeper. What would our name look like in full Irish Gaelic?

In English, our school name is Ryan School of Irish Dance. In Irish Gaelic, it is Scoil Rince Ni Riain. Scoil means school and is pronounced SKULL, and rince means dance and is pronounced RINK-a. Here at Ni Riain, we like the combination of English and Irish in our school name. It is important for us to both preserve the beautiful, traditional aspects of Irish dance while fusing with the new and contemporary. Ni Riain School of Irish Dance fits us well!

Holly Lanteigne-Marrow, Owner/Director

About Irish Dance

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