Our Classes

Irish dancing can be enjoyed by people of all ability levels, ages 3 – 103!

Which class should I take?

  • Students aged 3-5 begin with our Pre-School Class. This 45-minute class focuses on the basics of Irish dance rhythm and movement in an engaging and fun-filled context.

  • School-aged children enter through our New Beginner Class. This 45-minute class teaches students the three foundational steps that all Irish dances are based on.

  • College-aged students may choose to enroll in the New Beginner Class or Adult Irish.

  • Adults may enroll directly into the Adult Beginner Irish Class and/or Iyengar Yoga.


In addition to level-appropriate classes, we also have a Performing Company (by invite only), currently broken into 3 groups (Red, White, Silver). You can read about the Performing Company HERE.

Registration Forms

The online registration form is now available! Click here to register using the online form.


About Irish Dance

Below are links to some basic information about Irish Dancing

  • Irish Dancing Terms (coming soon)

  • About Competitions (coming soon)